Thursday 3 September 2009

LifeSkills Personal Development Programme

The LifeSkills programme is an integrated, experiential 5 week evening programme combining presentations, discussions and exercises designed to increase your self-awareness, enhance your decision making and lead to more effective personal and professional behaviours. Participants will be expected to actively engage in the programme, and will be encouraged to complete a Personal Development Plan.

Each Monday night session will last for two hours, commencing 21st September 2009 in the Conference Room, Ground Floor, Letterkenny General Hospital.

The programme will be supported by handouts and will involve some ‘homework’!! The cost of the programme is €99 per person, with a minimum of 10 participants required for the course to take place.

The programme outline is as follows:-

Moving Forward
- where are you now?
- Balanced Wheel exercise
- where are you going?
- how can you get there?
- Being SMART
- GROW Model & Goal Setting

Knowing Me . . . Knowing You
- Exploring different Personality Types
- Discover your own personality type
- Apply this knowledge to yourself, and others
- Personality & Career Choice

Communication Skills
- Verbal communication
- Use of language
- Neuro Lingusistic Programming
- non-verbal & active listening
- Perception - exercise
- Emotional intelligence

- personality types
- different approaches
- giving & receiving feedback
- Learning to say No, & feeling good about it
- ‘catastrophising’ &‘tolerations’

Stress Management
- Stress and Distress
- identify sources & symptoms of Stress
- recognise trigger situations
- manage your responses, immediate & long-term
- Boundary setting
- Review your role as a stressor for others

Review & Course Evaluation

Bookings can be made by contacting Patrick from EPM Consulting on 0(0353)86 8892346,e-mailing or via the company website .

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